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We'll provide you with powerful software, collect your tuition for you, and teach you how to grow your studio quickly and profitably.


Manage all your students and staff members. Automate attendance, enrollment, marketing, and much more. read more

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Set up automated student payment schedules and we do the rest. Your money is deposited in your account every month. read more


We've created tons of studio consulting tools to help you learn to grow your student base and make more money. read more

We Love Our Clients

Jennie Creer King
Compete Services saves me at least 8 hours a week of administrative work.
Jennie Creer-King, Studio Owner
Laura J Thornburg
When questions come in from parents I can forward those emails or the phone calls directly to you and it's taken care of, and I love that.
Laura Thornberg, Studio Owner
Luis Pinto
I really think there is no way for you to do billing unless you have a company that does it for you. It’s way too much time otherwise.
Luis Pinto, Studio Owner

Meet Our Team

Barbara - Customer Service Manager


Customer Service
Barbara is a customer service guru and an advocate for your dance studio. One of her main jobs is to make sure that studios are paid on time and that everyone is getting the help they need.
Mago - Marketing Director


Marketing Director
Mago is much more than just our marketing director and resident alligator wrestler. He's also our main studio business consultant and is passionate about seeing dance studios succeed in every community.
Sandy - Delinquent Accounts Specialist


Accounts Representative
Whenever you have a tuition payment that fails Sandy gets to work finding out why. She works with students and parents to make sure that their payment information is up to date and tuition is current.
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